Non Reversible SMSR Gearbox

Non Reversible SMSR Gearbox Manufacturer

There is some machinery that need non reversible SMSR gearbox. As being major manufacturer and exporter of high quality gearboxes, we have also design non reversible SMSR gearbox with improved features. High grade material of gears provides unparallel performance. Cast iron bearings housing is given for optimum support. The advanced production facilities ensures highly versatile and compact model of non reversible SMSR gearbox. Gears are made from alloy steel gears. Precise machined gears are mounted on good finished shafts that are hold up with long lasting bearings. It is used in so many industrial applications.

Backstop SMSR Gearbox

We are well known manufacturer and supplier of high quality gears that finds its home in countless industrial activities. Backstop SMSR gearbox is used in textile, road construction, chemical and many more industries. It is commonly used in mechanical devices and machineries as speed reducer. We have designed variety of designs of backstop SMSR gear in varied sizes. It offers simple and quick installation. It is available with various ranges of output RPM. It offers long service life. Flexible motor mounted with suitable position in gearboxes. It offers low maintenance. It is designed to increase the torque and decrease the speed. Speed reducer automatically stopped and not goes back on stopping of the conveyor. It is also called backstop SMSR gearbox.

Backstop SMSR Gearbox

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